How Do You Spot Authentic Brass Knuckles OG ™️ Product?

October 25, 2018
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October 25, 2018 Jesse Diamond

How do You Spot Authentic Brass Knuckles OG ™️ Product?

All Authentic Brass Knuckles cartridges have Exclusive, Serial Numbered Hologram Stickers on the Side of their Acrylic Casing. All Authentic Product also has either CA or NV Compliance test Result Labels on our Packing Depending on the State it is Manufactured in.

Contrary to what you May think or have been told on the Streets, We Do Not Ship Product and We Do Not Service Non Licensed Locations in CA or NV. If you see Brass without Numbered Holograms or Compliance Labels it’s Fake!

Empowering the People! Real Grams, Real Fire, No Gimmicks, No Nonsense, No Bullshit! Knuckle Up! Keep out of Reach of Children. For use Only by Adults 21 Years of Age and Older.


  • Packaging with Childproof Tabs on both sides
  • Serial Numbered Hologram
  • Compliance Test Result Labels on packaging
  • Clear labeling of Strain Name and Strain Type
  • 1 Gram of Distillate
  • 510 thread 8-watt max capability