Many patients contact us daily asking,  “How can you tell if a dispensary is licensed in the state of California?”

Below we have provided a brief overview to help you understand the process and learn who is providing your cannabis business legally.

An approved legal and compliant dispensary will have two valid registered licenses. First, your dispensary will receive a license from the local city. Second, your dispensary should have registered and received a second license from the state of California. Truly legal dispensaries have both a licenses from their local city and the state.

The three licensing authorities have issued over 5,000 licenses to commercial cannabis businesses throughout the state of California. The links below redirect to each licensing authority’s licensee holder search tool. There you can search to see which businesses have been issued a state cannabis license by location, license type, and more.

Bureau of Cannabis Control – Licensee Holder Search

CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing – Licensee Holder Search

Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch – Licensee Holder Search


“If it’s not in one of these licensed California dispensaries it’s not authentic Brass Knuckles”


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